Equipments List

  • Category
  • Roll Forming Machine
    The raw materials are processed with multiple phases of roll forming and plastic forming into a variety of products with high intensity and stable quality, such as partition l framework systems and ceiling suspension systems as well as metal ceilings.
  • Bending Machine
    The machinery is applied for the manufacturing of the products that are bent with different angles or unable to be processed with auto-machines; especially with precise bent angles and dimensional positioning with hydraulic pressure processing.
  • Bending Machine
    The digitalized machinery is especially for automatic mass productions of products with complicated shapes and angles with high precisions of dimensions and angles.
  • Punching Machine
    Punching is a forcing process to shape the metal sheets or panles; whereas the automatic digitalized machine is featured with high precisions in positioning and thickness consistency.
  • Perforation Machine
    Non-stop punching on work pieces with punching probes will avoid of any heat impacts on product intensity caused by laser punching.
  • Wrapping Machine
    The machine is especially for the auto-packing of the series of strip ceilings.
  • Leveling Machine
    By rolling and pressing on the panels and boards to achieve the effect of leveling, the machine will help to smooth the processed boards and eliminate stress without damaging surface quality.