SoundMicro Sound Absorption

SoundMicro Micro-pore Sound Absorption Panel, the advanced sound absorption and noise reduction green building material, has been certified with Taiwan High Performance Green Building Material with the effects of long-endurance, easy maintenance, thermal isolation and sound proof as well as a variety of applications, especially for the environment of outdoors and high humidity where most of the multi-pore sound absorption materials may usually fail. The material is also free of the problems such as causing hazards to human health as applying the materials made of fiberglass or sound absorption failures as attaching multi-pore panels that absorb the damps in the air. 

Unique design of 0.04mm Micro-Pores that are dust-free for easy cleaning and high performance of sound absorption (NRC>0.75);with long services of sound absorptions as over 10 years for outdoor applications and over 15 years for indoor services, as a safe building material of Grade I Flammability Material in compliance with CNS14705.

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