Swimming Pool of Chingshin Elementary & Middle School

Dancing with Water, Total Solution to Sound Absorption in Humid Environment.

‧Crowds of people and Noises of Echoes by The Swimming Pool may even hide the    screams for help.
‧Poor–endurance Performance of Sound-absorbing cotton in a humid environment  …

Coming to the swimming pool of Chingshin Elementary & Middle School, the coach’s voices of explaining the instructions to the 30-40 students by the pool had been echoing and bouncing against the walls, water, doors and windows in such an enormous space; whereas the noisy echoes might not only interfere the listening and learning of the students’ , but also hide the screams for help when the students all got down into the water and made even louder noises of echoes by playing and talking with great excitements which might cause poor teaching quality as well as great safety concerns. 

To improve the issues stated above, SoundMicro Micro-pore sound absorption panels installed on the ceiling of the indoor swimming pool in Chingshin Elementary & Middle School   were arranged in an equidistant alignment with an elegant style to hide the lighting instruments and integrate with the overall space for the accomplishment of the perfect space for students’ happy learning, teachers’ effective teaching and parents’ wholehearted trusts.  

Sound absorption cotton is usually applied for noise control over indoor spaces to effectively lower down the voice volumes by breaking up the sound structures; however, it may not applicable for the humid spaces like indoor swimming pools.  Since the sound-absorption cotton may turn into water-absorption cotton in such humid places, the effect of sound absorption may subsequently be compromised with negative impacts on material quality as well as external appearance.

 SoundMicro is truly the optimal solution to sound absorption with effects of weather resistance and humidity endurance without applying any sound absorption cotton.