Morrison Academy Auditorium , Taichung

How could it be possible to learn languages well in an environment without acoustics-speech articulation 


As an international school, Morrison Academy is meant for providing a comprehensive English learning environment for the children of the foreign businessmen and foreign citizens which has been authorized and recognized by both of the American and Taiwanese governments. Therefore, the entire campus should be taken as an English learning environment, including the auditorium as well.  

Upon the construction completion on 2013/8/7, the new auditorium was found with a serious problem of unclear hearing and talking even when it was completely quite. Most of the school auditoriums without obstacles to block and bounce the sounds may need to put up with the conditions of poor acoustic clarity, but not the school of Morrison Academy that emphasizes on English learning everytime and everywhere. However, with a serious problem of acoustic reverberation in such an enormous audotorium, the failure of clear hearing and talking inside had certainly bothered the school president a lot and urged him to look for feasible solutions within one week prior to its formal use. 

Upon the engineering consultancy’s recommendation, the ceiling panels of CKM SoundMicro with high performances of sound absorption effect and no hazards to human health had been applied. Moreover, the modular design of SoundMicro panels was excellent for both of inventory and easy installation and the application of 2-squared-ft SoundMicro Micro-pore panels with 412 anti-Seismic ceiling suspemsion system was absolutely the optimal solution. It took merely seven days to achieve such a great degree of improvement by reducing the acoustic reverberation time from 9.8 seconds down to 2.2 seconds with an improvement efficiency up to 50% as a total solution to the school president’s  worries. 

According to the engineering consultancy, the clients were extremely satisfied with the improved outcome and often showed their thanks for our assistance with the acoustic improvement for the school of Morrison Academy.