National Palace Museum

A tour around National Palace Museum for Artistic Experience or Night Market Feast?

A tour around National Palace Museum for Artistic Experience or Night Market Feast?Best known for its rich collections of Chinese cultural relics, National Palace Museum has displayed more than 693,000 master pieces of art works including artifacts, books, paintings, and articles inherited from Ching Dynasty that have been classified as the exclusive world cultural assets. Based on the foundation of such abundant collections, National Palace Museum has been hosting countless permanent and temporary exhibitions and successfully attracted tons of visitors from home and abroad; whereas in Year 2011, the person-times of visitors even reached up to 3,840,000 with a great success. 

For normal museums and libraries, the voice volumes should be contained within 53 dB and less; whereas the measurements of National Palace Museum packed with tour groups from home and abroad during holidays might often break through 70dB, and sometimes even exceed 80dB, which was basically at the same level as the noisy streets. Even in a noisy factory with noises exceeding 80dB, the workers might have already put on the ear plugs for hearing protections. 

Such a great discomfort might deeply displease the visitors and arouse their objections; therefore, we might see tens of volunteers holding up the signs to remind the visitors to keep their voices down in a rather soft persuasion manner.

However, the situation might still not be effectively improved with such measures, so that the management was still looking for better solutions. With the application of the patented metal sound absorption material SoundMicro that CKM has been devoted to, the noises have been successfully reduced down with a drop of 7.3 dB upon professional calculations and installations.