The Cultural Center In Tainan City

Tranquility‧ Bathing in the cultural cultivation  

‧The overlapping voices in the conference room have always caught one in the  dilemma of speaking with or without microphones.
‧The event was about to take place in three days. What an emergency situation.

Reverberation is similar to an effect of echoing; whereas echoes are bounced back in terms of clear sounds, while reverberation is more about the acoustic reflection of voices coming from everywhere around the space (ceilings, walls and floors) in terms of mixed echoes rather than one clear echo only. 

A cultural center is supposed to be featured with the functions of arts, cultures and educations as a local cultural landmark as well as a recreational and educational place;meanwhile, the diversity of exhibitions and seminars held in the conference hall may even make it the essential place for broadening the citizens’ perspectives and thoughts. However, the acoustic reverberation may profoundly affect the sound quality when speaking with microphones inside of the enclosed space of the conference hall and subsequently jeopardize the activity proceedings.  

Take the cultural center in Tainan for example, speaking with microphones in the place covering the area of 60 ping used to sound too ambiguous to understand the speaking contents, especially when accompanied by the reverberations reflected from every direction of the place; however, in case of speaking without microphones, the audience sitting behind might hardly hear anything at all. It used to set one in such a dilemma of using or not using microphones. Since the conference hall had been frequently booked for events, the staffs were eager to look for improvement measures when the next event was about to take place in three days!!

The reason why SoundMicro Micro-pore panels were applied was simply because of their standardized modular design for quick delivery and easy installation to furthermore avoid of any messes or disturbances on site; which happened to be the optimal solution to this case.  It took merely a couple of days to accomplish a great improvement by shortening the reverberation time from 3.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds with an improvement efficiency of more than 50%.