About CKM

CKM will face the future challenges and reach a new peak with you.

Established in 1982, CKM has been the first Auto-production and the only listed metal building material company in Taiwan, as well as leading the industry to conform to for the related governmental regulations about metal building materials to provide the public with the building materials of safety and environmental protections. Ever since its establishment, CKM has been devoted to upgrading building materials, improving residence safety and environment by developing a variety of metal materials.

CKM has been based on the international regulations and future trend of building materials to commit to the metal material products such as ceiling suspension systems, partition framework systems and metal ceilings with a wide range of applications including governmental buildings, hospitals, schools, department stores, hotels, factories, public buildings, residential buildings and commercial buildings that won the recognitions in the industry. CKM shall keep on pursuing growth and facing challenges in the future to step into a new era with our business partners.

To establish the world's biggest leading manufacturer in the field of metal building materials.

CKM shall sustain our enterprise's mission with systems, gurantee our products' passing rates with standards, exceed our customers' expectations with high quality and define the value variations with differentiation to build up the world's biggest leading manufacturer in the field of metal building materials; thus all the CKM high quality products will be distributed to the world. CKM is committed to provide our customers with high quality and safety metal building materials with its best production technology and facility.

To keep moving forward to the goal of being the No. 1 of the world.

For more than three decades, CKM has kept moving forward through all the hardships in the future. With a professional R&D Team and the long-term collaborative relationship with Department of Architecture, NCKU and School of Materials and Science, University of Science and Technology Beijing, CKM has been developing new series of products in accordance with the international and national building regulations and market trends with strict testing processes and inspection standards that are superior to the regulation standards to ensure quality remaining at first place for concerns from our customers.

From Domestic Sales to Exports; From Taiwan to the World; From Auto-production to Mechanical Design and Manufacturing; by upgrading the industry and its products, CKM will base on its existing strategy and ambitions to take every steady step forward with the goal of being the No. 1 of the world.