About CKM

Automatic Production

With automatic production and systematic modular design, the high quality products are manufactured and inspected with the strict standards even superior to the regulations; especially excellent for the applications on large-scaled constructions such as public buildings and large-sized development projects.

Quality Assurance

Before mass productions, the sources and manufacturing certifications of every material have to be well verified; thus all the selected materials are up to the standards to accomlish our responsbility and commitment to our customers. We intend to provide you with trustworthy products and faciliate the promise of building safety with you.

Non-toxic and Environmentally Friendly Materials

The metal building materials are good for recycled use.

Non-radiation Contaminated Materials

Radiation is color-free, odor-free, sound-free, noiseless and tasteless; whereas it may only be identified with measuring instruments. However, the radiation in building materirals may cause significant hazards to human health and serious damages to building environment! Therefore, CKM shall strictly control the quality to provide our customers with the building materials of the best safety and quality.

Fire Protection

Since ceilings are the critical issues for fire escape safety; therefore, higher quality building materials of fire proof effects without burns, melts, breakages and toxic gas emissions ( Steel, Aluminum) are highly recommended, for theses kind of materials may not burn and produce toxic gases at the initial stgae of fires ( before Flash Burn).


Humidity Resistance

Situated in subtropical climate with the relative humidity above 75%, the high humidity interior environments in Taiwan have created the favorable conditions for molds to grow on the surfaces of building materials and subsequently cause biological pollutions and threats to human health. Light Steel Materials are especially good for preventing from ceiling collapses in high humidity environment.。