Protect your indoor air-build a strong building environment of earthquake-resistance


The ceiling will no longer drop off from the top of the house when the earthquake hits.

Many domestic offices and public indoor spaces adopt light steel frame ceilings, but the construction of most domestic light steel frame ceilings fails to take the earthquake into consideration.  Besides, as the ceiling is at the top of the house, people usually do not pay much attention to it.  Accordingly, when an earthquake takes place, the ceiling tends to fall from the top of the house to injure people; further, the fallen ceiling may further damage the machine equipment, which will result in great loss.

A strong building of earthquake-resistance is the basic element of safety.  Considered the hospital is a place for providing 24-hour emergency medical care for all patients and the hospital is located at meizoseismal area of Chianan Plain, the emergency medical care area at the 2 floor and 3 floor of National Cheng Kung University Hospital have adopted CKM 412 flame-proof earthquake-resistance type ceiling light steel frame conforming to domestic and international building earthquake-resistance regulations to build a safe space for the purpose of preventing from fallen ceiling or mental frame deformation and allowing people to escape from dangers.

In order to make sure the public security and ensure the escape time is enough and the escape paths are unblocked, it is suggested that the building and it’s decoration adopt flame proof/earthquake resistance building materials; in this way, our life environment can be completely safe.

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