CMK frame-proof earthquake-resistance light steel frame received favorable reports.



Because of the light steel frame industry gradually getting mature and the product diversification requirement, the 412 ceiling light steel frame flame-proof earthquake-resistance T-bar and SoundMicro acoustic aluminum board developed by CKM BUILDING MATERIAL CORP in recently years have achieved a great success due to their high quality and market reception.

The company indicates that CKM 412 flame-proof earthquake-resistance T-bar is the only one ceiling light steel frame with flame-proof and earthquake-resistance functions in Taiwan.  The product conforms to both of ASTM E 580 USA earthquake-resistance construction regulations and ROC building earthquake-resistance design regulations, and its compression test and tension test can be up to 80kg; further, the product passed the CNS 12514-A3305 and ATSM E119 flame-proof tests, and its flame-proof performance can be up to 1 hour; therefore, the product can prevent from being deformed and dropping off due to high temperature when a fire accident occurs in order to spare more time for people to escape.  Currently, the product is comprehensive applied to schools, hospitals, high-tech factories and public facilities. 



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