CKM SoundMicro acoustic board has great sound insulation effect.


    After Taipei MRT adopted “SoundMicro acoustic board” developed by CKM BUILDING MATERIAL CORP, the product was adopted again by the hall noise reduction construction of Taipei National Palace Museum this year (101); the new product of the company has reached a great success.

The light steel frame industry is getting mature; thus, in order to create new blue sea market, CKM cooperates with the Department of Architecture, National Cheng Kung University and then successfully develop the state-of-the-art “SoundMicro acoustic board”; besides, the product has acquired the global invention patent and the domestic noise reduction green building material mark.

The noise reduction coefficient (NRC) test by National Cheng Kung University shows the noise reduction rate of the product can be up to 0.8; besides, if the product is combined with the systematic noise absorption box design, the sound insulation and noise reduction performance can be up to 37dB and has great weathering resistance; moreover, the noise reduction performance of the product can last forever.  Therefore, the product can be used to replace the “noise absorption cotton wall” apt to be damped and can achieve excellent performance. 

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