The orders of light steel frame and acoustic board are significantly increased.


Taiwan’s largest light steel frame (the decoration building materials) leading company- CKM BUILDING MATERIAL CORP (8930) keeps developing new products.  Now many new products have been successfully developed.  CKM general manger Yuan-Teng Chen indicates that the orders of the “Partition frame”, “SoundMicro acoustic board” and other new products significantly go up; the business performance of the first half of the year is great, and the business performance of the whole year will be a success. 

Yuan-Teng Chen indicates that the orders of the “Partition” products of the company dramatically increase from October, 2013 due to hot real estate transaction.  The orders will keep increasing to the end of the second season of the year.  Besides, the patented product “SoundMicro acoustic board” can achieve outstanding noise absorption and noise reduction effects; the product has been installed on many public places and achieved great effect.  Further, the requirements of customers have become from “environment” noise reduction to “equipment” noise reduction; that is to say, both the deepness and the broadness of our customers are increasing; thus, it is anticipated that the product will achieve a great success.

Yuan-Teng Chen indicates that as the SoundMicro acoustic board is made of mental and has unique micro holes; therefore, the noise reduction effect of the product is, even if without sound-absorbing cotton, three times of that of the conventional noise reduction products with sound-absorbing cotton.  Moreover, as the material of the product is aluminum, its service life can be up to 10 years, which is 2 or more times of conventional noise reduction products (about 2-5 years).  Accordingly, the product can exactly reduce the maintenance cost and installation cost for customers.According to the reliable information, the “SoundMicro acoustic board” has been used by Taipei MRT, the hall of National Palace Museum, railways and the noise barrier wall with 19m height and 1000m length of CPC Linyuan petrochemical plant, and achieves great effect.Not long ago, a school built a new stadium, but they found the stadium has serious echo problem; no one can play balls or speak by microphone at the stadium due to the problem.  However, the company successfully solved the problem by spending only ten days to design and install products; the reverberation of the stadium was decreased from 9.8 seconds to 2-3 seconds.  Afterward, the stadium can work normally, and the school appreciated the company and their products very much.

The domestic orders of the “acoustic board” are keeping increasing; besides, the agents of the product also actively promote the product to the export market, including USA, Japan (housing market), India (MRT, hospital, hotel and machine room), etc; it is anticipated that the product will have a bright future.

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