CKM acoustic board is applicable to indoor space and outdoor space.


Taiwan’s largest light steel frame leading company- CKM BUILDING MATERIAL CORP (8930) has advanced “SoundMicro acoustic board” product keeps receiving favorable reports from the market.  The product keeps receiving orders from the public constructions with noise problem, and the application of the product also extends from indoor to outdoor.

CKM general manager Yuan-Teng Chen indicates that since the environment of the underground passage is usually damp and poor, which is not suitable for conventional acoustic boards.  In order to solve the noise problem, the construction department selects the “SoundMicro acoustic board” manufactured by the company; the product is installed on the both sides of the underground passage.  Afterward, the excellent noise absorption performance of “SoundMicro acoustic board” exactly solves the noise problem for citizens. 

Besides, CKM also undertakes the joint training military base project in Checheng township, Pingtung city.  As the military base always has ear-splitting sound from the artillery fire, and the outdoor acoustic boards tend to be scorched and drenched by sun and rain, the noise reduction performance of conventional acoustic board will be significantly decreased within three years and need to be replaced.  Accordingly, the CKM “SoundMicro acoustic board” is selected to replace the conventional acoustic board.

Conventional noise absorption and partition cotton constructions cannot achieve the effects of the above cases; especially for the mineral cotton and the glass cotton, which are not only poisonous, but also apt to be damped, which will reduce their service lives.  On the contrary, CKM “SoundMicro acoustic board” is awarded “Taiwan Green Building Material High-Performance Mark” and “National Invention & Creation Award (Silver Creation Award)”, which is no position and damp-proof; besides, its noise absorption and noise reduction effects will last for a long time.  In the future, the product may be combined with customized patterns to serve as a portion of the decoration.

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