Light steel frame SoundMicro acoustic board has entered the oversea market.


Taiwan’s largest light steel frame company- CKM BUILDING MATERIAL CORP (8930) keeps improving their main product “mental ceiling”; besides, the new products that they has developed for years also achieve a great success.  The partition products started to make a profit from October of last year, and the orders are lined up into the first half of this year.  Further, after the SoundMicro acoustic board has been adopted by the high speed rail, Taipei MRT and National Palace Museum, the company, recently, further finished a 15000m2 icon case “CPC Linyuan petrochemical plant”.  Besides, since the product can achieve great noise absorption and noise reduction effects, the orders from the USA, Japan and India agents obvious go up.

The 0.04mm micro-hole technology of the SoundMicro acoustic board developed by CKM BUILDING MATERIAL CORP was award 2013 National Invention Award last year.  The advanced technology will be comprehensively applied to the noise absorption, noise reduction, electromagnetic shielding and heat dissipation materials, etc. so as to promote the green building material industry.  CKM general manager Yuan-Teng Chen puts the emphasis that the SoundMicro acoustic board is applicable to many purposes without using sound-absorbing cotton and can achieve high sound absorption rate (NRC>0.75); accordingly, the product will not be influenced by harmful sound-absorbing cotton.  Moreover, the unique 0.04mm micro holes of the product do not easily stick dust, are easy to clean, and can achieve great noise absorption effect; besides, the service life of the product is up to 10 years and conforms to the CMS14075 class 1 flam resistance.  Therefore, the product has many advantages, such as noise reduction, fire resistance, dust proof, toxic-free and moisture proof, etc, and is comprehensively applicable to all environments and products for preventing from noise.  The noise absorption material combined with the systematic casing design can be applied to the outdoor noise barrier wall and the noise reduction effect can be up to 10dB.

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