ASTM C635/C 635M-07



一、輕型載重系統(Light-Duty System):

輕型載重系統:非直接懸吊 2.0 lb / 22.7kgf。使用於隔音板及嵌入板外,不考慮其它承載之場合。例如住宅或輕商業建築結構

二、中型載重系統(Intermediate-Duty System):

中型載重系統:非直接懸吊 3.5 lb / 54.3kgf,使用於隔音板及嵌入設備(如照明設備或空調管路等等)之場合。例如一般商業建築結構

三、重型載重系統(Heavy-Duty System):

重型載重系統:非直接懸吊 8.0 lb / 72.5kgf,使用於天花板設備(照明或空調管路等等)量大於一般商業建築結構之場合


  • T15 Ceiling T Grid

    T15 Ceiling suspension grid system of 15mm capping surface in width is such an ideal matchup of artwork visually in space particularly with comparatively superior board system as tegular panels or its kind. T15 grid system is easily chosen for materials of boards, dimensions, pattern designs and so many others in diversity upon any requirement.

  • Designed T Grid

    Designed T Ceiling suspension grid system is sorted in two main divisions of fine line/ultra line and fire proof/anti-seismic grid systems. Features not only stay its focus on visual contentment but also safety concerns involved. Fine line/ Ultra line grid system presents its own uniqueness of U concave design to reinforce its in-and-out color distinction. Fireproof/ anti-seismic grid system is however a modern masterpiece of metal material, perfectly combined with safety criteria in real life.

  • EZT Ceiling T Grid

    EZT Ceiling suspension grid system features for its alloy-end and enhances tensile strength substantially to emphasize its safety claims against seismic incidents. For its stainless factor of materials, it rarely gets rusted and since having excellent flexibility of such alloy-end head itself, it’s quite effortless while inserting or pulling out if necessary in full-gear production speed as market demand grows on a rise.

  • T24 Ceiling T Grid

    T24 Ceiling suspension grid system of 24mm capping surface in width varies extensively in respect of height and thickness for its main tee and cross tee to choose from in both butt-end and over-lapping patterns for any suitable or specified requirement. It’s been processed throughout precisely stripping standard of operation to maintain in stability from raw material processing till very end of stage targeting at market demand on a rise.