Acoustic Honeycomb Ceiling System


Simplicity and elegance is the main and primary demand in today's modern architectures, seeking to reduce the unnecessary bones and joints during manuacturing process where possible to achieve One-Piece Forming production is always the ultimate goal. And for this reason, large-size panels have become the mainstream design. Forming large-size panels require hexagonal geometry honeycomb to achieve the best strength and flatness under the conditions of lightweight and economy.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)
SoundMicro is a high-performance acoustic and sound-absorbing green building material, with ultra-micro perforation of less than 0.04mm offering high sound absorbing properties with an NRC rating of 0.75-0.95, as much as 95% of sound energy is absorbed by this innovative design - SoundMicro Perforated Acoustic Panel. Designed to improve acoustics without the need for acoustic textile fabric, not only this can reduce the impact on the environment, but also help prevent an echoed environment and maintain sound clarity in a wide variety of applications. In addition to that, it is designed to meet fire resistance safety standard and the durability of the products can be used up to more than 10 years lifespan all these advantages that you can benefit from this eco-friendly building materials.

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